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Frequently Asked Questions- Boxed Kits -(3 lb kit in Plain Box)

~How can I tell when they are ready?

Mushrooms grow extremely quick. From pin (when they first start to appear) to harvest is typically 3-5 days.

You want to catch them just as the caps start to flatten out. We have full color pics on our website.

~Do I poke one hole at a time?

No. Poke all three holes at once.

~Can I poke more than three holes?

No. The holes are positioned for air flow. For best results, only punch a hole where indicated and punch all three out at the same time.

~Do I soak, water or mist them?

No. The kits are designed to be as low maintenance as possible. No soaking, watering or misting needed. You don’t even open the box!

~What happens if it gets rained on?

The kits are designed for indoor use only. They should never be left out in the elements.

~How much will this grow/produce?

With proper care, you can expect a pound to a pound and a half of mushrooms over multiple flushes.

~How long does it last?

The kit will produce two to four times.

~Can I use the spores to make more?

When the kit is spent, you can put the contents in your compost.

~Why is it only growing out of one hole?

The kits will produce out of one, two or all three holes. It just depends on the environmental conditions in your home.

~Why the plain packaging?

The box can be recycled for a bonus fruiting. You don’t want ink on the box, because the mushrooms will absorb the ink.

~What do I do with the kit/insides when I am done?

When the kit is spent, you can put the contents in your compost.